Renée O'Connor

Actress | Producer | Director

Reneé O'Connor made a name for herself when she resided in Auckland, New Zealand, playing the role of Gabrielle, Xena's trusted sidekick on the popular series from 1996-2001. The scene stealing role created a huge worldwide fan base, one still active in countless websites dedicated to the actress and this signature series.

She then moved on to launch her own film production company - ROC Pictures: Her first independent production under the company is the romantic comedy, Diamonds and Guns which was released on DVD in January 2008. She wrote, directed, and produced the award winning short film, Words Unspoken in 2010.

She produces a Video Subscription Channel for her company with the vision of bridging the internet community to sustainable personal awareness by means of entertainment. It is located on her website

Renee has starred in several independent films including this year's Beyond The Farthest Star, the anticipated release from Pathlight Entertainment, an American Beauty' style family drama.

Also in 2011 is the supernatural feature film, Deadrise, by Michigan Filmmaker of the year, Rich Brauer.

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Gena Vazquez

Producer | Conference Co-Chair at IndieCon

Following her emergence as a mover and shaker in the Silicon Valley tech trade of the booming 90's, Gena Vazquez forged head first into the wilds of the entertainment industry, encouraged along the way by her retinue of entertainment industry friends. The late director, George Hickenlooper, acquainted with Gena's brash style, teased that she was "made for this business." Never one to shy away from a challenge and armed with an analog Rolodex designed to circumvent every press agent in town, Gena has made her presence and intentions known in Hollywood.

Before she had unpacked, Gena established The Producer’s Fund, an investment entity geared to finance select independent films with some of the most revered talent from both sides of the pond.

In 2010, Marc Clebanoff appointed her as Chairperson of IndieCon. Together, Marc and Gena are a formidable duo as they maintain a consistent hit rate in booking the town's most sought after personalities to headline their monthly events.

Since Gena's appointment, IndieCon has generated a great deal of excitement in the community and attendance has swelled. It is heralded as one of the most ambitious and unique curricular extensions Los Angeles has to offer.


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Ron Truppa

Catalina Film Insititute - Artistic Director​

Catalina Film Festival - Founder / Festival Director

Producer / Director / Actor

Ron Truppa, a respected Hollywood professional within the film industry for over 15 years, has a huge passion for film, conservation, and Catalina Island. When planning another thought-provoking project with his company TRUPPA Entertainment, whether a “Dangers of Gas Leaf-blowers” PSA, a dramatic feature film about love and humanity, or a documentary about people traveling around the world, Ron pursues every project with a lust for life that is undeniable.  That’s the same energy and experience that is put into the CATALINA FILM INSTITUTE.

Ron loves working with different types of people and all their unique ideas, collaborating from every perspective. People make up a community, and that’s exactly what a film set’s atmosphere is, a temporary village of entertainment and culture. There are a million places to start a film institute that can thrive on the mainland, but we didn’t choose Catalina, it chose us. The CATALINA FILM INSTITUTE is about the filmmakers’ opportunity to entertain, educate and inspire their audience, just like the island does itself.  And with a warm and welcoming community of enthusiastic locals, you always have an explosive experience on a beautiful island.  As the CFI Artistic Director, Ron will help foster the growth of all filmmakers attending now, and for the years to come!

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