A innovative and unique training program for tomorrow's filmmakers. Participants will obtain practical knowledge from professional filmmakers and improve their film career.

project​ practice

In three to five days, participants will be divided into groups and finish a film project on Catalina Island with professional filmmakers' instruction.


Taught by professional filmmakers with 40+ combined years of experience working in Hollywood. Participants will learn how to produce a film from story development, pre-production, production, to post-production.



Networking with the professionals and filmmakers pursuing their dream on the beautiful Catalina Island.  Participants will build up and expand their filmmaking career relationships.



Watching the film project produced by Catalina Film Institute and all its participants is the most exciting moment at the closing ceremony!  There's nothing like seeing your hard work and creativity projected in front of your peers!  In addition, all the members of the Catalina Film Society will be invited to see our hard work.